As part of a pitch for a proposed documentary on the life and times of motorcycle racing legend Kenny Roberts, I art directed and animated everything in this trailer to bring his story to life, and hopefully to inspire potential investors to support the endeavor. Ultimately, the project was never funded, but I’m still proud of the work we did.
Client - BKN Films | Role - Art Direction, Storyboards, Design, Animation
During the exploratory phase, I was inspired by classic racing poster of the past, particularly their overall flat graphic style and strategic use of big blocks of color. Working with the producer, I decided to use color as a way of organizing our presentation of Kenny's career. We selected three primary color palettes to represent each stage of Kenny's remarkable life. Beginning with his early childhood, through his flat track racing days, and culminating in his storied career as a premiere Gran Prix racer, each palette was carefully chosen to reflect the tone and energy of that particular phase. To visually tie the entire piece together, we incorporated Kenny's legendary Yamaha YZR750 road racing bike, as well as his distinctive black and yellow track suit and helmet.