I was commissioned by the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) to create a 30-second animation that promoted their Adult Learning programs. With the COVID19 pandemic forcing all classes to shift online, it was crucial to inform New Yorkers that they still had access to the essential literacy tools offered by the library, free of charge. My goal was to design and animate an engaging and informative PSA that would raise awareness about BPL's Adult Learning program and the numerous resources available.
Because we had very little time to get this on air, I designed the animation to feature mostly static scenes with minimal movement to draw attention to specific elements. To further enhance the viewer's experience, I used sound design to establish the atmosphere of an urban environment, providing a more immersive experience and maintaining a sense of momentum as we follow the main character throughout her day.
Client - Brooklyn Public Library | Role - Art Direction, Storyboards, Design, Animation, Sound Design 
"I had the pleasure of producing a short film to help promote an educational program at the Brooklyn Public Library. Josh created a beautiful and informative animated piece that helps reach adults that are working on their English skills.  The film ran on local broadcast and still helps recruit new students today via the BPL.  Josh is a passionate, creative, professional and I am looking forward to doing my next project with him!"Stephen Mallon, Producer
During the exploratory phase, I presented moodboards to establish not only what the setting would be like and my general illustrative approach, but also to explore the idea of using the differing qualities of light throughout the day as a way of structuring the narrative.
After presenting my storyboards, I received feedback to adjust the age of the female character, allowing me to more accurately portray a typical program client and enhance the authenticity of the project.